Author aims to revive poetry movement (via The North Platte Telegraph)

Anashta Celovich’s life has been a journey filled with emotionally damaging events and experiences. As a teen her only outlets were painting and poetry, both of which kept her from being swallowed by a deep emotional pit. She continues to do so in her adulthood.

During the past 20 years, Celovich has used her own emotional turmoil as a catalyst to craft her feelings and thoughts into a cavernous look at the gamut of human emotion, particularly in moments of duress.

Celovich has just released “Metamorphosis” on Amazon. This collection of more than 110 psychologically charged poems rides the wave of human disturbance as she navigates through life’s highs and lows with nothing more than a pen and a notebook as a weapon for a coping mechanism.

Celovich said she wants to see a poetry revival.

“Everyone’s writing short stories, novels and self-help books,” Celovich said. “Poetry has become a lost literary genre, which is strange considering how therapeutic it is to write it.”

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The North Platte Telegraph

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