Poet advises young writers against rushing to publish works (via Vanguard)

A renowned poet, Ahmed Maiwada, has admonished young writers to avoid rushing to publishing their works to guide against producing substandard publications that would not impact meaningfully on the society.

“You have to ponder over it to ensure it makes sense and also an interesting reading,’’ Maiwada said.

Maiwada told newsmen on Monday in Abuja that some young writers were often in a haste to publish their works.

He said that writers who are in a haste to publish their works tend to end by producing books that are filled with errors and lack ability to sustain readers’ interests.
“It surprises me when you hear a young poet saying that he had written about 20 poems in a day; poetry is not like a prose.
“Even the prose, you cannot just keep pouring it out like that.
“Every word you put together to constitute the diction in any poem is of great significance.

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