Norwell Middle School continues poetry, art tradition (via Wicked Local)


For the past 11 years, eighth-graders at Norwell Middle School have had their poetry memorialized on the walls of the school. The most recent batch of framed poetry and art was revealed last week, replacing the pieces by now high school seniors that were hung four years ago.

Around 30 students’ works are chosen by the eighth grade English teachers at the end of their poetry unit, during which they learned about and practiced various types of the form.

English teacher Terri Dsida said in addition to being important academically, the unit provides an outlet for the students.

“I don’t know that students at this age necessarily know how to communicate some of their innermost feelings and I think they might think that it’s unacceptable or not cool to talk at depth,” she said. “Probably, most kids this age are comfortable with superficial conversation, but when it’s something very deep like your transformation or how you’re changing over the years, you’re not necessarily going to be able to speak comfortably with your classmates about that.”

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