(Video) Sebastian Carson | Black Boys ’round Here

Additional Info

(Spoken Word Poetry Live Performance – Sebastian Carson ft. Talented Saxophonist Keon Prewitt and World Known Mural Artist Jamond Bullock)

Nobody tells their (black and brown boys) narrative really from a compassionate point of view. The rappers sell them intangible dreams that pumps their minds with superficial realities not conducive to their narrative, the government works against their realities, systemically in multiple ways, and the upper class looks down on them as second class citizens not worthy of a chance and let alone a #second chance. Psychologically, this has a detrimental impact on their spiritual, mental, and financial well-being. Black Boys Round Here takes an honest attempt to explain some of the experiences of black boys in America in a unfiltered, innovative, and constructive way that will leave viewers more knowledgeable about certain realities other than their own, leave black boys more empowered and encouraged to thrive despite their circumstances, and leave America forced to face the elephant in the room.

Information courtesy, YouTube

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