This is therapy, like meditation (via News Channel 4)

Full Title: ‘This is therapy, like meditation,’ Oklahomans express themselves through weekly poetry nights

Every Wednesday night, ICE Event Center and Grill provides Oklahomans an avenue to express themselves through poetry and spoken word.

It’s an opportunity for people to share their hearts, minds and souls.

‘Dope Poetry’ is a weekly event started back in 2016 as a way to fill a void of poetry nights in Oklahoma City.

“We decided to go ahead and make it happen, make it a nice free event where people are able to come out, and just express themselves and get everything on their chest out,” said co-host J. Wiggins.

Everyone is welcomed to go watch and listen as others share.

People are also encouraged to get on stage, whether it’s your first time or a veteran to the stage.

Click here for more information.



News Channel 4 | ICE Event Center and Grill 


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