Telepoem Booth brings poetry exhibition to State College (via Daily Collegian)

Poetry enthusiasts will soon find a new place to fulfill their creative desires with the installation of a Telepoem Booth in downtown State College.

Set to open this spring, the Telepoem Booth is an interactive arts exhibition that merges old-fashioned rotary phone technology with various types of poetry, John Ziegler, one of the directors of the project, said.

The phone booth will allow visitors to look through its directory and use the rotary phone to dial a poem of their choosing, which is then read to them via a pre-recorded voice.

“It’ll bring poetry into people’s lives,” Ziegler said. “Hopefully, it’ll be a cross-section of poets across the community and across age groups.”

The Telepoem Booth will feature a mix of poems in the public domain — from widely-read poets such as Robert Frost and Mary Oliver — along with the work of local poets, Ziegler said. An exact location for the phone booth has not yet been determined, but he said Fraser Street and Allen Street are both under consideration.

Click here for more information.


Daily Collegian | Telepoem Booth State College (Facebook)

Downtown State College | Penn State University

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