Dominique Fishback To Perform Spoken Word At Southampton African American Film Festival (via 27east)

The 11th annual Southampton African-American Film Festival at the Southampton Arts Center will wrap up a day of short and feature films on Saturday, November 19, with a night of spoken word headlined by Dominique Fishback, a rising star of stage and screen.

A native of East New York, Brooklyn, Ms. Fishback said during a phone interview last week that she is looking forward to visiting the Hamptons for the first time, so she can expose film festival guests to the Brooklyn she knows—which is not the Brooklyn they may know from television. Likewise, she is excited to get to know what the Hamptons is really like, compared to what she’s seen on television.

Ms. Fishback has appeared on a number of television programs, including recurring roles in the HBO miniseries “Show Me a Hero” and the USA Network’s Hamptons-set dramedy “Royal Pains.” Though it appeared on screen that she has been to the South Fork before, that’s not the case: All of her scenes on “Royal Pains” were filmed in a Brooklyn studio.

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