OMA to host Muslim Spoken Word to Shed Misconceptions (via The Pine Log)

Stephen F. Austin State University

The Office of Multicultural Affairs will be hosting Muslim Spoken Word, an event to express the Muslim experience at 7 p.m. on Oct. 12 at the BPSC Theater.

“[The event is] educational yet entertain- ing,” OMA Assistant Director Dr. Griselda Flores said. “The audience will be able to learn more about the Muslim culture, religion and experiences that Muslim stu- dents have experienced being Muslims in America.”

OMA is holding this event in response to several tragedies that have transpired recently.

“The horrible attack in Orlando this summer has made our hearts heavy, but the spirit of pride and hope still waives higher than that of hate,” OMA’s website said. “We know the action of a few individuals does not represent the whole population. Therefore, as the Office of Multicultural Affairs, we would like to encourage the SFA and Nacogdoches community to come together, recognize our differences with respect, and learn from one another that we can overcome hate and fear.”

The OMA hopes the event will stop stereotypes.

Click here for more information.


The Pine Log | Stephen F. Austin State University

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