Discovering poetry in the autumn of life (via The Bristol Press)

They are poets and some didn’t even know it.

Southington Care Center resident Carol Slauenwhite only just discovered her observations of the outside world have a place on paper.

Slauenwhite was one of a half-dozen residents who read their poetry aloud for an audience Sunday at the third annual Timeless Creativity: Art through the Ages program. Held on the final day of the Apple Harvest Festival, the event also featured the visual artwork of the assisted living community. Colorful displays showcased works and the public was invited to browse the gallery throughout the day.

Slauenwhite never thought of herself as a writer but was encouraged to join the center’s Poetry Club for intellectual stimulation. Her first poem came to be last year.

“It was in spring,” she remembered. “I saw a robin and I said, ‘Why don’t I write about that?’”

Pretty soon nature’s beauty had become a constant muse.

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The Bristol Press | Southington Care Center

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