School teacher incorporates her life into poetry (via Valley Morning Star)

Julieta Corpus doesn’t consider herself a speaker.

“I call myself a poet,” she said.

As a confessional poet, she incorporates her personal stories into her poetry.

At the young age of 10, she immigrated to the states.

But before that Corpus, a Harlingen elementary school teacher, spent what she calls her formative years in Rio Bravo and San Pedro.

Since birth, she has gained personal experiences she conveys through her writing now.

Like being a baby during Hurricane Beulah, a hurricane that devastated northern Mexico and South Texas.

“I was in my mother’s arms during Hurricane Beulah,” she said.

In 1978, she crossed the bridge into America with her family, but her strong sense of culture and love for her native tongue never left.

During those years in Mexico, she was able to also learn English. With her formal background in Spanish she was able to learn English, becoming bilingual, something she is very proud of.

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Valley Morning Star

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