Fat, Fly, Salvadoran Poet Brings Body Positivity And Brown Girl Love To The Stage (via VIBE)

Watch the poem here!

An eight-year veteran of Da Poetry Lounge (DPL), the mecca of L.A. slam poetry and spoken word, Yesika Salgado regularly performs her work in front of packed audiences, followers and die-hard fans taking in the artist’s carefully crafted, often bilingual, words, humor, and unfuckwittable self-expression. In addition to being a wordsmith, Salgado is wildly charming and funny as sh*t. With a relatable history involving f*ckboys and all things Drake, this fat, fly, Salvadoreña brings body positivity and brown girl love to the forefront of her work as a poet, speaker, writer and activist. Now a seasoned performer and slam poet, Salgado has honed her craft by way of nonstop creating, practicing, performing and competing.

The first time Salgado competed in a poetry slam was six years ago at Inkslam, a Los Angeles poetry festival produced by DPL and Greenway Theatre. Back then, Salgado was still learning her way around her poetry: “I had no idea what I was doing, but I was invited to slam on a team that was thrown together last minute. I don’t remember my score. It wasn’t great.” Yesika would eventually leap ahead of that learning curve when she represented Hollywood and DPL at the National Poetry Slam—this time, with four more years of experience and growth as a poet tucked beneath her tongue. “My first real slam team was in 2014. I represented Hollywood/DPL at the National Poetry Slam,” she says, “with some of my favorite poets and people in the world.”

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VIBE | Yesika Salgado (Tumblr) | Da Poetry Lounge

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