Why Poets Can Make Better Search Engines (via NY Times)

Daniel Nadler spends most of his waking hours running the technology start-up Kensho, which has become a darling of the financial industry, attracting big investments from Goldman Sachs and venture capitalists.

But in the mornings and on weekends, Mr. Nadler, 33, writes poetry — an art he studied while at Harvard, where he was a student of the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Jorie Graham. Mr. Nadler’s first collection, “Lacunae: 100 Imagined Ancient Love Poems,” is being published this week by Farrar Straus and Giroux.

Mr. Nadler may work with technology, but his book imagines a world before computers and telephones. The unnamed narrators of these love poems live in an unidentified place in a distant mythic past. Jonathan Galassi, Mr. Nadler’s editor at Farrar Straus, said he was drawn to the pared-down, direct nature of the work: “Not many poets today are bold enough to be this simple.”

Mr. Nadler has developed some rather austere practices for separating his poetry from his job as an entrepreneur. When he is writing he doesn’t check his email, speak or even look in a mirror.

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NY Times | Daniel Nadler

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