“In My Skin” Makeup Poem Women of the World Poetry Slam 2016 (via Teen Vogue)

Watch the poem here!

Everyone has different opinions on how to wear — or not wear — makeup, and none of them are more correct than any other. In fact, the best part about beauty is that it’s totally personal. The problem comes when people feel the need to comment on how other people choose to experiment with products. At the 2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam, one woman, Sha’condria “iCon” Sibley, took to the stage to present a poem titled, “In My Skin.”

Her beautiful poem — about beauty — begins with her talking about a man who commented on her makeup. She goes on to express how she feels about the pressure of “waking up like this” and embracing “natural,” read: “no-makeup makeup,” beauty. For someone dealing with acne and eczema, like iCon, makeup is a tool — an aid, that makes life easier. “Not all of us have the privilege of using hashtag no filter. Some of us wake up dreading the breakout brewing beneath our epidermis,” she says.

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Teen Vogue | Women of the World Poetry Slam

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