A fist is more powerful together: Spoken word that’s shaping Indy activism (via NUVO)

Like Audre Lord, Mariah Ivey’s poetry “is not a luxury. It’s an obligation,” — and it could be how Indy tackles issues like police brutality and racism.

Ivey is often reminded of the Audre Lord quote when she is speaking on stage for That Peace open mic, a spoken word and arts night that she started last year.

“About a year and two months ago I was living in DC and wanted to come back to Indianapolis to enhance the art scene,” says Ivey. “… I knew I wanted to use my platform to bring in new artists, established artists, just new people in general to a space where we can all appreciate art.”

She came back to Indy in May of 2015 and launched That Peace by July.

“A lot of the poetry scenes that I had visited in DC, I admired the fact that every art form was appreciated on their stages,” says Ivey. “… I have experienced a lot of sets where it doesn’t matter what your art form is, it’s all appreciated on this stage.”

And it really has all been appreciated. Ivey tries to ensure that everything from music to comedy is welcome at That Peace. The idea for a space of pure collaboration — and one that’s not restricted by a 21 and over venue — came when she was on a poetry tour last year.

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NUVO | Mariah Ivey

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