At WAN Poetry, a Place of Home and Healing in Houston (via Houston Press)

Erica Nicole’s left hand shook tenuously, her poem wilted from the oppressive summer humidity. Approaching the vintage style microphone with a rainbow ribbon pinned to her chambray shirt dress, she spoke:

One man might have done the shooting, but we have been loading the bullets for him for years.

Erica has been coming to read for Write About Now Poetry (or WAN Poetry), a Houston non-profit poetry collective, for about six months. The organization, which hosts weekly open mikes and poetry slams in the AvantGarden courtyard, formed more than two years ago to provide a poetry platform for all people, particularly those whose work remains unnoticed in traditional literary circles. In the wake of the Pulse Nightclub massacre, Erica hoped to use that platform not only to pay homage to Orlando’s devastated families but also to demand change.

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Houston Press | WAN Poetry

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