Does performing poetry in near darkness sound like your thing? (via Hindustan Times)

Cool! (Event takes place in Mumbai)

If stage fright has held you back from performing, here’s an open mic with a twist. This weekend, a ‘blind poetry’ event will take place in the city, where poets can recite original work to a roomful of audience, but in the dark.

There will be all but two sources of light. The floor and the mic stand will have fairy lights taped to them, and everybody will be given glow sticks. If you like what you hear, wave it and let the poet know.

Naturally then, reading off your phone or a book is not an option. “So, this platform will encourage spoken word pieces,” says Aranya Johar (17), co-founder of the start-up More Than Mics, which is organising the event.

This is More Than Mics’ first event, and Johar and her co-founder Prachee Mashru (also a class 12th student) are avid poets. Johar says, “I have been performing poetry for five years now, and Prachee has been performing for around a year. So, we merged my experience with her expectations for the poetry scene, and came up with blind poetry.”

Click here for more information.


Hindustan Times

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