Emerging Writers to Read and Watch in the Pacific Islander Poetry Community (via NBC News)

Although by no means a comprehensive list, here are several emerging Pacific Islander poets — powerful young voices writing and speaking on issues such as climate change, colonialism, language, identity, sexuality, and sovereignty — to look out for.

“I moved out to Hawai’i to study with Craig Santos Perez because I knew that he wrote in and out of several languages and I wanted to work with someone who understood the complexities of colonization,” poet Rajiv Mohabir, author of “The Taxidermist’s Cut,” told NBC News. “When I got here I was immersed in a community of Pacific Island poets and writers who showed me what it means to be a part of a Pacific community: That we can all be strings that bind into a net, a web of support if we look to see our similarities as displaced peoples. Since Pacific Islanders are often invisible in the American Academy of Letters, their voices must be heard as they add to the conversations of imperialism, colonization, and occupation in our globalized world.”

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NBC News

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