When it Rains in Boston, the Sidewalks Reveal Poetry (via Smithsonian Mag)

If you’re walking through Boston during a downpour, make sure to keep your eyes on the pavement: you might just see a poem appear before your eyes. For the last few months, Bostonians wandering the city streets in the rain may have come across poems written on the sidewalk.

Titled “Raining Poetry,” this art installation is a collaboration between the nonprofit Mass Poetry and the city of Boston. The first poems were installed on April 1 to commemorate the start of this year’s National Poetry Month, with several more added to the city’s streets on May 13. Created using stencils and a water-repellant spray, the poems are invisible during dry, sunny weather, but appear like magic once raindrops start falling from the sky, Aria Bendix writes for CityLab.

“We want to bring poetry to the people,” Sara Siegel, program director for the nonprofit Mass Poetry, tells Bendix.

Click here for more information.


Smithsonian Mag | Mass Poetry

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