Why the Poetry in Lemonade Hits the Spot (via BET)

I interviewed Beyoncé many years ago. She carried herself like a woman twice her age. Her answers were rehearsed and she made direct eye contact for our entire interview.

Destiny’s Child was about to perform their new song Bills, Bills, Bills about a woman who wants nothing to do with a man who can’t pay her bills. They were booed a few times while performing the song in other cities. This time, the girls took the stage and Beyoncé said to the crowd, “This song is just for fun. It’s not how we really feel!”

Those days are clearly over. And Beyonce wants you to listen to the message in her music.

Matthew Knowles trained his girl to be unfailingly professional. Back straight with a firm handshake. But over the years, Bey’s polished demeanor began to invite criticism. She was accused of being phony and stuck up.

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BET | Beyonce | Warsan Shire

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