As poetry festival’s keynote, Blanco will share love of language (via Portland Press Herald)

Poet Richard Blanco said whether he’s speaking in front of a million people at President Obama’s second inauguration or to a group of young writers on a college campus, the message is the same.

“It is very similar in spirit because it is about connecting poetry and people,” Blanco said by phone Thursday afternoon. “Art is a mirror for us to all look into and see that at the end of the day, we are all the same.”

Blanco, a civil engineer and renowned poet, will share his story at 2 p.m. Saturday as the keynote speaker of the 14th annual Terry Plunkett Poetry Festival at the University of Maine at Augusta. After his speech in the Jewett Hall Auditorium, Blanco will answer questions and have a discussion and book signing.

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Portland Press Herald | Terry Plunkett Poetry Festival | Richard Blanco

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