14 Classic Poems to Reread for National Poetry Month (via Bustle)

Full Title: “14 Classic Poems To Reread For National Poetry Month, Because You Know It’s Your Favorite Month Of The Year (via Bustle)”


This April, poets and poetry lovers everywhere will join together in cracking open their favorite notebooks and anthologies in celebration of the 20th anniversary of National Poetry Month — a yearly, month-long appreciation of poetry and the amazing writers who compose it. In honor of the month of festivities, I’ve compiled some of my favorite classic poems to reread for National Poetry Month, just for you. Hopefully, they are (or will become!) a few of your favorites as well.

In the two decades since the Academy of American Poets inaugurated National Poetry Month, in 1996, it has become the largest literary celebration in the world, complete with public readings, activities for students, and a calendar of daily ways to celebrate poetry all month long (my personal favorite is Poem In Your Pocket Day — which, in my life, is sometimes every day.) The celebration even has its own hashtag (like you’re surprised) so be sure to head over to Twitter during the month of April to mark all your National Poetry Month tweets with #npm16, and learn what poetic tweeters all over the world are doing as well.

Here are 14 classic poems to reread for National Poetry Month. Now get to reading!

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