When Our Son the Business Student Took Poetry (via Chronicle)

In his penultimate semester, our son, a double-degree senior in business and economics at Large Public U.,discovered he was three humanities credits shy of what he would need to graduate. We weren’t that surprised.

What did surprise us was the course he chose. Who would have thought that our ESPN-watching undergraduate, whose favorite courses were game theory, corporate finance, and basketball, would choose “What Is Poetry?”

As an econ student, he understood that the United States in 2011 had the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. Undaunted, he hoped his degrees would land him a job, preferably in finance, with a large company, ideally not far away, where he might hang out in the city on weekends with his friends.

But first he had to graduate. Which was how “What Is Poetry?” entered our lives.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education

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