Binghamton’s Black Student Union hosts annual poetry slam (via Pipe Dream)

On Saturday night, the Black Student Union (BSU) held their annual Poetry Jam. Featuring two performers, Jasmine Mans and Alysia Harris, it was an exciting event that brought poetry lovers from all ends of campus together.

“It’s a tradition that has been going on for every Black History Month,” said Victoria Lewis, the president of BSU and a senior majoring in psychology.

The night’s first headliner, Mans — a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison — is well-known for using her art to speak out against the actions of black icons, particularly in the hip-hop industry. Her incorporation of popular lyrics into her poetry was well-received by the crowd, as snaps could be heard after familiar lines.

“It’s important to address those in the limelight,” Mans said. “I’m a hip-hop fan and it’s something that I think about often. My medium is poetry and I want to talk about rap.”

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Pipe Dream | Binghamton | BU – Black Student Union

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