Poetry sparks the conversation on blackness (via Daily Collegian)

The Dominican Student Association of Penn State held a week series of exploring the global idea of blackness and its relation to life in the United States.

Yesterday evening, the students from Writers Organized to Represent Diverse Stories shared a series of poetry to dissect blackness and sought the perspective of how people from the audience depict it.

David Gaines (junior—theater and English), who is co-president of W.O.R.D.S, opened up the floor with a poem called “Strangers, Dangers and Kin.” He reflected in this poem on how he was taught to learn how to understand.

“We see the world through a lens, crafted by our culture, our peers, our pain and our sins,” Gaines said.

He shared how he understands that the root of all sexism, racism and discrimination is ignorance and voiced on how one should love their enemies.

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Daily Collegian | Penn State

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