Audience enchanted by Spoken Word Unplugged at BGSU Firelands (via Sandusky Register)

John Gibson took the mic Thursday night in the name of entertainment and education through impersonation.

He assumed the role of three men: a football player who suffered a life-altering injury, a self-loathing drug dealer, and a U.S. soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

He told their tales using only rhythmic spoken word.

His moving message: People living in poverty, unfortunately, may turn to anything to free themselves from it.

“On the road to the riches and the diamond rings, real people do real things,” Gibson recited, weaving the relevant lyrics from a rap song into his performance.

Gibson was one of several performers featured at the first-ever Spoken Word Unplugged event at BGSU Firelands. Spoken word is performance-based poetry, or storytelling, and often addresses social issues. It’s celebrated during Black History Month as a significant part of African-American culture, and it can incorporate music, theater and dance.

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Sandusky Register | BGSU Firelands

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