Chapman’s Center for Poetry’s TAB journal gets creative in its fourth year (via OC Register)

Full Title: “Chapman’s Center for Poetry’s TAB journal enters its fourth year, gets creative with its presentation (via OC Register)”

It’s one thing to simply display poetry but another to caringly craft a design that can feature poetry in a way so unique it can be called a poem itself.

This challenge has been met year after year by TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics, a publication by Tabula Poetica, Chapman’s Center for Poetry.

Built around diagrams that explore the concepts of energy, the latest journal is far from a simple page-by-page, left-to-right book. It’s more of an experience the reader undergoes together with the featured poems. The latest issue of TAB isn’t a single item but actually four booklets initially not much larger than a CD case. Each one folds out into a lengthy strip of poetry, with designs meant to evoke different expressions of energy.

The center’s name is a play on tabula rasa, which is Latin for “blank slate.” Poetry at Chapman truly was a blank slate when Anna Leahy, the center’s director, first came to Chapman in 2009. Back then the campus had no center for poetry or dedicated poetry professors. Ever passionate toward poetry, Leahy led the charge on both of those fronts, establishing Tabula Poetica within her first year. A little later, in 2013, TAB was born.

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The Orange County Register | Tabula Poetica | Anna Leahy

TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics

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