Yolanda Wisher named Philly’s third poet laureate (via Philly)

A lot of people in the Philadelphia poetry world are very happy today.

On Friday morning, Mayor Kenney is scheduled to announce that Yolanda Wisher, a poet with a long history of publication and community activism, has been appointed Philadelphia poet laureate for 2016-17. The event is to include a short reading by the appointee.

Wisher is the city’s third laureate, succeeding Frank Sherlock (2014-15) and Sonia Sanchez (2012-13). Her duties will include readings, community service projects, and mentoring other poets. She also will help select the next youth poet laureate, who will succeed David Jones. The appointment carries a stipend of $5,000 total for the two-year term.

Click here for more information.



Philly.com | Yolanda Wisher

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