Student looks to change opinions through the power of poetry (via The Collegian)

One South Dakota State University student has been writing poetry since fifth grade. Now, as a freshman in college, he has published his first book.

“No Tears,” a compilation of poems that address social injustice, heartbreak, love and overcoming obstacles was published last week by Kendrick Walton.

But the publishing process was not an easy one. A company was interested in doing it for him, but wanted most of the profit. So instead, he turned to The Book Patch. The website takes a smaller percentage for each book published and the publishing rights fee was far less.

Several friends from Walton’s high school creative writing club pushed him to publish his poetry.

“I would always be the one to break the ice in meetings by sharing my poems,” Walton said.

Walton wrote his first poem when he was 11 years old. Inspired by a close friend at the time, he said he included that poem in the book for her.

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The Collegian

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