Poetry Society marks 27th year (via Jamaica Observer)

THE Poetry Society of Jamaica will mark the start of its 27th anniversary with its monthly fellowship at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston this evening.

The occasion, dubbed ‘New Voices’, will focus on new and emerging writers Sean Harrison, Tara Downs and Avi Miller.

The society’s administrator, Yashika Graham explained how the three poets were selected.

“Throughout the past year, we have seen and heard the work of writers and poets, some of whom have never presented before. Our monthly fellowships are always a sharing experience, and so we key in on some of those persons who come to us to share their exceptional work and we pick from that pool for our start-of-year event. It must be noted that these persons are not the only ones doing great work, but they have certainly caught out ear and eye,” Graham told the Jamaica Observer.

Click here for more information.



Jamaica Observer | The Poetry Society of Jamaica (Facebook) 

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