Slam poetry evokes student emotion (via Houston Chronicle)

The 12 kids sat scattered in pews facing the podium, listening as their instructor went over details for the poetry slam that would cap off their three-day winter poetry camp. Emanuelee “Outspoken” Bean shared key details with attendees beneath the James Turrell skyspace at the Friends Meeting House just inside the 610 Loop.

“We have the new mayor coming,” Bean said to the room of now rather concerned-looking boys and girls. After a few long-lasting seconds of silence, Bean confessed. “I’m just playing,” he said, to sighs of relief. “But, we could. You never know.”

With their performance less than 24 hours away, students spread out around the sun-lit room to practice. Some sat in window benches, some sat hunched over composition notebooks, erasing and tightening their text. Sophia Costantine, 10, acted out her ode to Pluto as she read from a black piece of construction paper.

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Houston Chronicle

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