Poetry Heals works to help young people express emotions (via Gazette)

One pen and one piece of paper can create an avalanche of catharsis.

There’s a reason journaling is so popular – the mere act of writing can dump toxic or excessive emotions out of the brain and onto the page. It can untangle obsessive thoughts or help decipher how you feel about an issue or problem.

Molly Wingate, a longtime local writer and writing coach, knows all about the power of words. For six weeks in September and October, Wingate led her first session of Poetry Heals at the Springs Recovery Connection, a nonprofit organization that seeks to support recovery from addiction and explore long-term recovery solutions.

Wingate, the author of the book “Slow Parenting Teens” and the former director of The Ruth Barton Writing Center at Colorado College, taught therapeutic poetry writing to young men in recovery.

“(Poetry) makes you walk around your troubles from different perspectives,” she said, “and you make connections you might never have made before. Sometimes when you start a sentence you never know where it’s going to end. The process of writing it down makes you think more sharply and complete the thought.”

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Colorado Springs Gazette

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