Second annual RISE! Poetry Event connects poets to explore intersectionality (via The State Press)

The Great Arizona Puppet Theatre diverged from its usual programming on Friday to host the Rise Poetry Event, which showcased a group of poets who sometimes touch on intersectional themes.

The event was put on by a collaboration of various artists, but many would agree that Joe Montano III was the inspiration behind the event.

Montano is a poet and artist who is self-publishing his first book of poetry. He helps run the collective Balboa Poet House, which aims to produce quality work and hosts workshops.

The night started out low key, with a DJ spinning a jazzy version of The Door’s “Light My Fire” while performing poet, Joel Joelskii Salcido danced in front of the stage.

Just a few minutes behind schedule, Deborah Berman-Montano took the stage and introduced herself as the hostess of the evening. She was later joined by Ernesto Moncada, a Mexican-born, downtown Phoenix resident and author. Montano would usually introduce the performing acts in English, then pass the microphone to Moncada who introduced them in a quickly-translated and enthusiastic Spanish.

The performers for the night were mostly poets, with the exception of a single dancer. But the event was not monotonous and each poet performed in a different style, range and tone than the last.

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The State Press | RISE! Poetry Event

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