Postcard from Paris: Healing Pain With Poetry (via Voice of America)

On a sunny morning, Ghislene Moret examined the mounds of flowers and notes scattered along Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, where terrorists gunned down nearly half-a-dozen diners earlier this month.

“This is all about love,” she said. “Love overcomes hate. We’re still standing. That is the essential message.”

Attached to a mailbox nearby was a poem written by a 17-year-old Parisian, calling for unity to overcome chaos. Down the street, a message in French by a New Zealander spoke of love in the face of hatred. Next to it, pinned under a glass of red wine, was a note that read: “You will not destroy our way of life. Resist!”

On sidewalks, murals and makeshift memorials for the nearly 500 dead and wounded in this month’s carnage — but also on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and blogs — French are finding solace through art. Today the outpouring of graffiti, poetry and music is helping to heal a wounded nation.

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Voice of America

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