New poetry festival launches in Nottingham (via Nottingham Post)

More than 30 poets will be rhyming, reciting and rallying together for a brand new festival taking place from today.

The Nottingham Poetry Festival will include big names like John Agard and Lemn Sissay as well as acclaimed local talent like Mouthy Poets, Blackdrop and Kavya Rang.

It is the first time it has taken place and while it was originally billed as a three day event, the programme was expanded and will continue until Thursday, December 3.

Eleven unique venues will be hosting the festival including a Hindu temple, Rough Trade record store, Nottingham Central Library and Five Leaves Bookshop.

Organiser Tommy Rosley said it was an exciting time for the city which he described as having a “hotbed of talent.”

He added: “There’s a lot of great authors and local poets, it’s a Nottingham Poetry Festival so we wanted to get as many local authors as possible.

Click here for more information.



Nottingham Post | Nottingham Poetry Festival (Tickets)

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