Feminist spoken word show “Speak Like A Girl” to come to Rutgers (via Daily Targum)

Today, 11.5.15…

Olivia Gatwood was a youth poet competing in an HBO series competition called “Brave New Voices.” Megan Falley was a college student who posted her own spoken word videos on YouTube.

Although the two had only watched each other on screens, they soon would coincidentally meet on the streets of New York City. Years after that brief bump-in, Gatwood and Falley ended up on the same poetry team together.

“Since we were the only women on the team, naturally we started to write a lot of group poems together,” Gatwood said. “We just worked really well together and thought we could make a whole show out of it.”

Now, Gatwood and Falley are bringing their feminist spoken word poetry show, “SPEAK LIKE A GIRL,” to Rutgers [today]. The show at Rutgers is part of their tour that hits other colleges across the country.

“SPEAK LIKE A GIRL” uses spoken word as a tool to educate students about gender inequality through humorous and emotional performances. The show touches upon issues such as street harassment, body image and rape culture.

Click here for more information.



The Daily Targum | Rutgers University | Speak Like a Girl

Olivia Gatwood | Megan Falley

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