Columbia bus passengers get a ride and a poetry reading (via The State)

Full Title: Comet bus passengers get a ride – and a poetry reading – in Columbia (via The State)

Passengers on The Comet’s 101 North Main route found themselves in the middle of an unexpected performance Sunday, as local poets read their work aloud throughout the ride.

This poetry reading marked Ed Madden’s first public project as Columbia’s first poet laureate – a position he accepted in January. Madden partnered with The Comet and One Columbia for Arts and History to make the event happen.

“One of the things the folks at One Columbia asked me to do is think about ways of making literary arts public arts projects as well,” Madden said while riding along Sunday. “They have lots of public arts projects – sculpture, music and things like that – but my job is to promote the literary arts.”

The inspiration for the project came from seeing poems on public transportation in major cities like New York, Dublin, London and Washington, D.C., Madden said, adding it’s the first time this type of project has been done in Columbia.



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