Doing Justice to Some Good Poetry (via WSJ)

The event didn’t generate the buzz of “Hamilton” on Broadway. It didn’t even provoke the excitement that some future high school production of the musical might. Come to think of it, of all the offerings in cutthroat cultural New York City last Tuesday night, Judges Reading Poetry would probably have ranked near the bottom.

The evening, held at Poets House in Battery Park City, in conjunction with the Federal Bar Council, featured four eminent federal judges reading some of their favorite poems. Not their own poems, but those of famous and not-so-famous poets.

It came about after a conversation at a New Year’s Eve party between Judge Dennis Jacobs, of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and one of the evening’s readers, and Penny Barr, a member of the Poets House board of directors.

Click here for more information.


Wall Street Journal

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