Penn State’s ‘Writers Organizing to Represent Diverse Stories’ holds slam poetry competition (via Daily Collegian)

Ka’Lee Strawbridge-Moten stood in front of the crowd at the Writers Organizing to Represent Diverse Stories slam poetry competition and asked the audience “what you got?” and they responded with “words.”

Strawbridge-Moten (sophomore-security risk analysis) was the first of eight poets to perform on Monday night as the creative writing group welcomed writers to compete in a poetry slam competition hosted in the Waring Commons classroom.

To start off the event, poets were made aware of the rules. Their poems were rated on a scale of zero-10 by five judges, with four of them being randomly picked from the audience. Poets were to recite their own original poems, whether from memory or read allowed on their phones or on paper. Any subject and style was allowed, however, costumes, music and props were prohibited. Poems were restricted to three minutes and 10 seconds each.

Taking second place at the event, Gabriel Green (graduate-English) performed a poem about a mother’s love and commentary on the way modern children are being raised.

“Only love can spank a child and smile at him immediately,” Green said. “What are we conditioning our children to be okay with?”

Last night’s event was the second of four competitions to determine those who would be chosen for Penn State’s College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational 2016 Roster. The 16th CUPSI will be held April 6-9 at the University of Texas at Austin.

Click here for more information.


Daily Collegian | Penn State


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