I was racially abused on a train and no-one helped me, says poet (via BBC)

The 24-year-old has had many supportive messages on social media since telling the story of how she was racially abused and hit on a train on Friday.

But while the internet has rushed to defend her, Siana says the people who actually witnessed it did nothing.

“I’m sure most people on that train were good people but they didn’t do anything and so in their silence they spoke volumes,” she tells Newsbeat.

Siana says a drunk man accosted her while she was train travelling to Liverpool Lime Street.

While a packed carriage looked on, he made “jungle noises” at her, told her to “go home” and shouted racist swear words at her and tried to spit at her.

Siana says he also lashed out at her, hitting her shoulder.

“In their silence they condoned his behaviour,” says Siana of her fellow passengers.

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BBC | Siana Bangura

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