Poets share their personal reflections at reading in Auburn (via The Citizen)

The Auburn YMCA Writer’s Voice Program’s Fall Poetry Reading took on many subjects Friday, including poems about politics, pets, love and lemon bars.

Within the many themes, Donald Trump beat out Wegmans for multiple mentions.

Founding director Jim Delaney opened the reading, saying he was not going to do any of his “problems with girls poems.” Poetry is often a very personal art form and sometimes it’s even made up. “I have to think of the most fantastic situations where I succeed,” he said.

Each writer’s approach was very different, which intrigued audience member Michele Lynn. She came out to hear friends, husband and wife Krista and Shelwyn Becker. “I was really impressed with Krista’s poem about our friend that passed.” That friend was Josiah Robin, who was killed in a car crash. Lynn said hearing the author speak a poem presents much more feeling that reading it yourself.

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The Citizen (Auburn)

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