Ben Okri salutes Jeremy Corbyn in poetry with A New Dream of Politics (via The Guardian)

The poet and novelist Ben Okri has repaid the compliment of being cited as an inspiration in Jeremy Corbyn’s first major speech as Labour leader – in a poem celebrating a new dream of political power bringing peace, health and happiness.

Corbyn, in his first speech as leader to a Labour conference, namechecked Okri, along with Maya Angelou and Kier Hardie, saying: “It was the great Nigerian writer Ben Okri who perhaps put it best: ‘The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love.’”

Okri, a Booker prize-winning novelist, playwright and poet, has responded with a new poem in which he does not name Corbyn, but comes close to conjuring a vision of a bearded angel in a tweed jacket. A New Dream of Politics is a salute to idealism, and a rejection of “cynics and doomsayers”, which he has given exclusively to the Guardian.

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The Guardian | Ben Okri | Jeremy Corbyn

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