Alaskan girl receives White House honor, appointment as poetry ‘ambassador’ (via Alaska Public Media)

First Lady Michelle Obama honored five young American poets at the White House this morning, including one Alaskan: Anna Lance, a 17-year-old from Eagle River, who represents the West. But being named a National Student Poet isn’t just about glory. It comes with an obligation, too.

“I look forward  to this event every year,” Mrs. Obama said, at a ceremony in the oval-shaped Blue Room at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. “Time that we honor the 2015 National Student Poets. Don’t they look good? They look good!”

She describes President Obama as “crazy about poetry.” They launched the program, she said, to spread the joy and freedom of poetry to more young people, and this year, more than 20,000 applied for it.

“This is a pretty competitive pool too, just so that you know,” the First Lady said to the poets flanking her. “You weren’t just given this.  You competed hard for these spots.”

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Alaska Public Media

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