Welcome to our poetry-themed week – an overview (via The Guardian)

It’s National Poetry Day on Thursday [10/8/15] but here on the Guardian children’s books site we love poetry so much we thought, why spend just a day celebrating it? Let’s dedicate a whole week to the joy of verse and rhyme and rhythm!

We’ve got all sorts in store – watch poets reading poems, listen to a performance poet podcast and get tips on how to perform poetry yourself. More into writing it? We’ve got tips for that too. How about discussing it? Yep, we’ve got that covered with blogposts from poets, authors and, of course, site members on all aspects of poetry from loving it to hating it (and then discovering that you love it, really, of course). Are you a poet knowitall? We’ve a quiz to test for that… And there’s news this week too, with the announcement of the Foyles’ Young Poet of the Year (we’ll be featuring the winner and their poem) and the new Young Poet Laureate…

Click here for more information.



The Guardian | National Poetry Day – Forward Arts Foundation

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