Your Voice: Sydney Lea – How One Poet Came to His Craft | (via Valley News)

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By Sydney Lea

People have often asked me, of course, why I chose poetry as my principal vocation. I like to joke that it’s all about money, women, and fame … which is, of course, just that: a joke. The best-selling poets in America would do well to attract more readers than a last-place major league baseball team might draw in late September of a hopeless season.

So there have to be other motives. I could go on at length about these, but I’ll try to distill my thoughts here.

I came to poetry late, not publishing my first collection until I was 40. Prior to that, I had striven to be a conventional academic, though from the start somehow, the whole effort felt a little misguided. I didn’t know why for some time.

In 1970, I was asked to teach a section of Dartmouth College’s first-ever creative writing course, not because of my credentials — I had none — but because the then chairman of my department, a good guy indeed, imagined the gig would give me time to finish up my PhD dissertation, as I had not yet done. This would not after all be a “real course,” he assured me, demanding neither class preparation nor any scrupulous commentary on the students’ work.

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Valley News | Sydney Lea

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