Pictures, poetry win inaugural Battle of Notebooks (via The Daily Iberian)

Breakfast at Victor’s Cafeteria, burning cane overlooking a sugar mill, graffiti-stained walls of the abandoned Charles Boldt Paper Mill.

Iconic imagery abounds for those who have the city of New Iberia in their hearts, and artists were able to use the mixture of scenic beauty and nostalgia to their benefit this weekend.

Envision da Berry’s inaugural Tarts and Art “Battle of the Notebook” asked local artists to interweave these local sights with their theme “Show Us Your New Iberia.” Competitors in the event were given a notebook in which they could pour their personal feelings about the city they live in and know.

Organizer Dianna Parrie said the idea was conceived after it was discovered a competition in New York City with the same basic premise. The idea was transplanted into New Iberia, but as one might expect, the results were considerably different.

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The Daily Iberian

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