Longmont poetry group releases anthology (via Times-Call)

For the last seven years, several Longmont residents have met as part of a private group, solely to write poems.

Some of the 20 active members are engineers, one works in finance, another is a therapist. Only two are full-time writers. But once a month the group meets, most recently at Que’s Espresso, to write and share their original poetry.

Now, the poets have come together to self-publish an anthology of their work, titled “The Poetry Jam Sessions.” The collection features 12 local poets and over 50 poems. All of the poets except two are Longmont residents — the other two are from Boulder.

“The idea (for the book) just kind of came, because we had done so much work in the group,” said Ellen Wilkin, a full-time writer who founded the group. “So much poetry had been written and performed.”

Wilkin said she was the sole editor and publisher of the book. Members of the poetry group submitted their best works, and she parsed it all down to 50 poems. She used the Amazon self-publishing tools to make the idea a reality.

Click here for more information.



Times-Call | The Poetry Jam Sessions (Amazon)

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