New Taft artist-in-residence: Poetry can heal (via Cincinnati)

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Poetry isn’t just the words on the page, the voice on stage.

It’s also the process, the meditative moments that evolve into the poem.

“I think, at least for me, poetry has been a practice that has been a lot like meditation or prayer in a certain regard,” said poet Alysia Nicole Harris of New Haven, Connecticut. “It’s a space where I spend time to focus on myself and center myself.”

As the newly selected 2015 Duncanson Artist-in-Residence, Harris aims to help others examine themselves – and larger societal issues – through the act of creative expression. This examination promotes healing, transparency, spirituality and racial reckoning and reconciliation.

The Duncanson Society of the Taft Museum of Art announced her selection Wednesday. Harris will lead presentations and workshops at the Taft, in schools and with community organizations from Oct. 21-Nov. 4.

“I am a really informal person,” she said. “I really like to engage with people, to have a dialogue with people. … I am interested in learning as much as I am interested in being in a teaching role.”

Harris received her Masters of Fine Arts in poetry from NYU and is a Ph.D. candidate in linguistics at Yale University.

Harris’s poetry has been published in Indiana Review, Catch & Release (Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art), Solstice, Vinyl Magazine and others.

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Links: | Alysia Harris | Duncanson Society of the Taft Museum of Art

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