Writer Maggie Smith finds snippets of time for her poetry (via The Columbus Dispatch)

When people ask Maggie Smith what she does for a living, the central Ohio native calls herself a writer.

“Then I’ll clarify and say I’m a poet,” Smith said, “but that’s not really how I pay my bills.”

While raising a 2-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter with husband Jason Beehler in Bexley, Smith also writes stories and poems for children’s textbooks.

“I feel like I go into a phone booth and I turn into a poet sometimes,” she said. “Most of the other time, I’m just Maggie who pushes the stroller.”

The 38-year-old — who will appear Wednesday on the Thurber House lawn to read from her latest book of poems, The Well Speaks of Its Own Poison (Tupelo, 65 pages, $16.95) — spoke recently about her pursuits.

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The Columbus Dispatch | Amazon: The Well Speaks of Its Own Poison


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