Robert Frost Foundation presents annual AHS Night (via The Andover Townsman)

Full Title: Fostering a passion for poetry; Robert Frost Foundation presents annual AHS Night (via The Andover Townsman)

This spring’s sixth annual Robert Frost Foundation’s “An Evening of Poetry” brought together Andover High School teachers and students in a multi-generational event at Café Azteca in Lawrence.

Presented by the foundation’s executive director emeritus, Mark Schorr, and hosted by Harry J. Durso, the event spotlighted the poetry of a variety of people of different ages and cultures.

Don Michaud, whose business, Don’s Auto Care of Lawrence, sponsored the evening, said he is glad to see that the Poetry Night continues to grow every year, with page poets, slam poets and those in between all sharing the power of the word.

“I want to give students an opportunity to be heard without any restrictions,” he said in a release. “I have been very pleased that the Poetry Night keeps getting better every year.”

The students in AHS English teacher Eric Pellerin’s Poetry Club thanked Durso and the Robert Frost Foundation for the opportunity to share their poems and experiences. They said they have found poetry to be a great way “to figure out who you are and develop and find your ‘self.’”

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The Andover Townsman | Robert Frost Foundation | Andover High School


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