MTA Celebrates National Poetry Month with Poems-on-Demand (via Village Voice)

Full Title: MTA Celebrates National Poetry Month With Poems-on-Demand in the Fulton Center (via Village Voice)

A little boy sporting a blue jacket and glasses skipped through the recently renovated Fulton Center, clutching a custom-made poem in his hands. “It’s really good!” he cried.

[Last] Thursday, the Lower Manhattan transit hub doubled as a poet’s garret as MTA Arts and Design and the Poetry Society of America joined forces to celebrate National Poetry Month. The event, called “Poetry in Motion: The Poet Is In,” invited members of the public to come and have a poem written just for them, on the spot. The two organizations are also responsible for the MTA’s “Poetry in Motion” program, which has put poems up in empty ad spaces throughout the MTA system since 1992.

More than twenty poets came down to Lower Manhattan on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. to write on-demand poems for anyone willing to wait in line, free of charge. They included New York State’s poet laureate, Marie Howe, as well as Sharon Olds, Patrick Phillips, Bob Holman, A. Van Jordan, Donna Masini, Lynn Melnick, Timothy Donnelly, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, and others.

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Village Voice | Poetry in Motion (MTA)

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